Lead Nurture Utopia

An email address is a gift. Don’t waste it.

Email is too often the sole focus of a lead-nurturing strategy. That’s not surprising, as it’s relatively simple to execute. It’s not enough on its own, but it is highly effective, and many companies aren’t leveraging email to its fullest capacity.

Multi-channel isn’t optional

As important as email is, it can’t be the only channel in a successful marketing strategy. Consider this report by Oracle, in which nearly 80% of marketers surveyed said their email open rates don’t exceed 20%. Multi-channel strategies are more challenging but potentially much more rewarding, involving email, social media, paid re-targeting, dynamic content and direct sales outreach, among others.

Qualify, qualify, qualify

Like multi-channel nurturing, lead scoring is often under-used. In a world where most sales people don’t reach out to MQLs, lead scoring is a great way to start the conversation in order to align sales and marketing around what a qualified lead looks like.

Align sales and marketing behind a common vision

It used to be that bringing a buyer through the sales funnel was 10% marketing, 90% sales. Today, the information explosion has completely transformed the buyer’s journey. The marketing-sales split is closer to 50–50, with marketing creating multiple touch points on the buyer journey aiming to inform and influence prospects towards consideration and sales engagement.



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