How to Build an Effective Lead Management System

Setting the Foundation

Prepare for Change Management

  • Communicate the vision to all stakeholders
  • Create a climate for change
  • Create urgency
  • Unify people around the vision — both executive buy-in and commitment


  • Define what makes a good lead and what makes a junk lead
  • Examine and define marketing and sales funnels as they currently exist, from first-outreach to closed deal
  • Catalog all touchpoints, key interactions, and communication modes
  • Inventory how the current process nurtures leads at each funnel stage
  • Set key performance indicators (KPIs) for lead management, including conversion, velocity, and attribution
  • Create an implementation timeline incorporating key wins at regular intervals

Building the Core of Lead Management: Qualification and Routing

Lead Qualification

  • Define lead criteria for each stage of the funnel: how Sales + Marketing identify when a lead is ready to be moved to the next stage, and what kind of treatment they should be given through the funnel
  • Define the ideal prospect profile at every stage
  • Identify automation technology that can evaluate, categorize, and route leads based on qualification and funnel stage
  • Define metrics for measuring success

Lead Routing

  • Chart the whole upper (marketing) and lower (sales) funnel
  • Catalogue all lead sources (channels of entry), with data requirements and processing needs for each channel
  • Define best practices for data requirements, roles, responsibilities, and SLAs (service level agreements)
  • Map routing for each entry source
  • Detail escalation rules

Driving Leads into the Funnel: Lead Nurturing and Proactive Content

Lead Nurturing

  • From the prospect point of view, consider common questions, hesitations, or information gaps that can be proactively addressed
  • Examine the funnel for patterns of critical drop-off points / opportunities for escalation
  • Feedback mechanism for ongoing improvement

Proactive Content

  • Identify buyer roles and their involvement in the purchase making decision
  • Based on role and stage in the buyer journey, identify and create content to assist and inform at the right moment
  • Inventory existing content to identify gaps and repurposing opportunities
  • Prioritize new content creation based on most desirable personas and current gaps

Reporting for Lead Management Optimization

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