As markets shift, putting downward pressure on revenue, Marketing leaders often find themselves on the receiving end of a budget cut. Why? Marketing is often perceived as a cost rather than a benefit, especially when there is no dollar amount to show its explicit value to the organization. How do you explain to your CFO that the $500k trade show bill was a successful investment beyond press clippings? How do you show your Sales reps that your marketing campaigns drew in successful leads?

Without proof of Marketing’s contribution in terms of sales revenue, marketing gets unfairly categorized as a discretionary…

When faced with the challenge of improving performance, marketing teams rarely think about the leads that they possess.

It’s easy to fall back on old, familiar solutions when trying to increase revenue. Sales asks for more leads, and marketing teams typically respond with more ads, better messaging and creative. Getting more leads, however, may actually be distracting your marketing team from the real issue — why aren’t your existing leads converting? Is it your message, delivery, or timing? How do you improve what you are already doing?

Funnel optimization is an innovative approach to revenue growth that often gets overlooked…

Lead management is an emerging trend in B2B marketing and sales — and it’s not hard to see why. Companies that have long defined success through traditional Marketing and Sales activities are exploring a whole new set of methodologies for achieving revenue growth — thanks to technologies that can provide increasingly detailed insights on buyer behavior and trigger an appropriate response . Through lead management, companies can systematically analyze interaction outcomes to improve customer experience and conversions through the funnel. In effect, applying A/B testing and improving methodologies continuously to the funnel, optimizing the work of sales reps and marketers.

Having a shared language between marketing and sales is essential to serving today’s digitally connected buyer. In a market where customers drive their own purchasing journey, marketing and sales teams need to collaborate to be successful. Marketing needs to know what a good lead looks like from Sales, and Sales needs to know which prospects are showing the right amount of interest. As sales leader Jill Rowley , “Marketing needs to know more about sales, sales needs to know more about marketing, and we all need to know more about our customers.”

Lead scoring — long underestimated by marketers —…

The following article is an excerpt from our inaugural issue of The Empowered Buyer™ Magazine. Click Here to read the full article, ‘A Healthy Sales Funnel Begins with Lead Management’.

Virtually every Marketing executive understands we can use technology to send Sales more gold and less junk. But if you want meaningful results beyond operational tweaks, we don’t just need a new tool. We need a new way of working with each other, fueling Sales with a healthier, more engaged funnel by uniting departments and bridging silos. Knowing it is one thing. Implementing it is another.

The first revelation to…

The following article is an excerpt from our inaugural issue of The Empowered Buyer™ Magazine. Click Here to read the full article, ‘Who Is The Empowered Buyer™’.

“Emotional impact is about making absolutely sure that the customer sees themselves in the story you’re telling” — The Challenger Sale

A 2019 Gartner report indicates that B2B buyers spend 45% of their time researching a purchase, and only 17% of their time talking to potential suppliers. In a market where buyers direct their own purchasing research with the touch of a smartphone, Sales reps are losing their influence: prospects no longer have…

The following article is an excerpt from our inaugural issue of The Empowered Buyer™ Magazine. Click Here to read the full article, ‘How B2B Brands Can Reach Today’s Empowered Buyer™’.

In the digital age, it’s become simultaneously easier and vastly more difficult to reach any given target audience. Of a certain generation, we remember the billboards, yellow pages, and ‘Mad Men’ before the colliding comet — the internet — extinguished all our most reliable assumptions.

But perhaps ‘The Internet’ wasn’t the cosmic event that blew up marketing as we knew it. …

In any organization, the role of Marketing adds up to one central task: influencing the buyer. No matter what we’re doing as Marketers — an email campaign, trade show, webinar, or whitepaper — we are trying to sway decisions. If we gain the attention, engagement, and trust of potential customers, we might be able to shift the playing field in our favor.

Buyer intent (signs of imminent purchase and/or purchase consideration) , however, is a soft, un-quantifiable, and murky phenomenon. It’s determined by human behavior, desire, and the pressure of unmet needs that we’d all recognize as consumers. …

In a very crowded, noisy marketplace, we use technology, persuasion, and creativity to get the attention of the right people. We’re all pretty overwhelmed — consumers as well as Marketers, whose job it is to attract attention and interest . The digital age requires us to do more than shovel more leads into the top of the funnel. These days, the most successful marketers see their mandate not as Collect More Email Addresses but as Engage Modern Buyers .

We’re not just trying to persuade people to read an email. We’re trying to get them ready to buy. And to…

How to foster trust and adherence through the funnel in the digital age

We hear a lot about lead management in the age of the internet: attribution reporting, adaptive nurturing, mapping the buyer journey. There’s no shortage of advice on what to do. But every now and then, it’s important to take a step back and contemplate why it all matters so much.

The digital world has reinvented the exchange of goods and services. We see evidence of this reinvention from both sides — we’re all customers as well as sellers. Since the internet advanced far enough to be a commerce engine, everything has changed.

But if the reinvention is the egg, what…

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